Da Vinci who is considered to be the great genius of all time, spoke about science and art. His main emphasis was on realising that, “everything connects to everything else.” Philosophers have discussed about ‘absolute truths’ in great detail. They have vaciallted between denial of truths and it’s affirmation.

Everything that is existing is a paradox. Matter and Anti-matter, positive and negative charges, light and absence of light are all live examples. We know that life as such has no meaning, but we live. There may be no ultimate truth about life, but only illusions. Maybe there are millions of truths, that can never be untangled. Maybe there exists love free will and an independent man enjoys complete freedom. Maybe we are results of actions, that are influenced by internal thinking and external factors. Maybe, we have a purpose. Maybe not. Maybe all of this co-exist. If everything is a paradox why is it have to be one truth?

It’s not possible to answer all of these. If it’s necessary or not, depends on each men’s thirst.

We will never know the purpose of life until we die. We will never know what we are untill we cease being beings. What happens next is an unsolved mystery. But, are lives worth living? Are we taking each others’ lives for granted? These are million dollar questions to be answered.

We are mere star dusts, trivialities in the grand scheme of the Universe. But dont small things matter the most? Like atoms. They are quintessential particles in every element. Each minute nano particles make different elements and those elements make compounds and those diverse substances and components bond together to create living and non-living entities. All entities in its entirety create a vast Universe. All of us are parts of a whole. Yet, different and unique. Together we create something. We call it by names we choose.

If the same energy that make every other thing make us, if we are made of same particles that make million other things, if we are parts of a whole, shouldn’t we be more considerate for fellow beings, future species, environment and every other thing around us?

We kill animals and plants for us to survive. But what about lives that are lost for reasons other than survival instincts? Like triggering a suicide, murders, mass killings etc.

“We will never know the value untill it’s gone”, is something that we come across often. It’s found to be the universal science of human beings every where. But with limited knowledge and resources, it is impossible to find the value of a life. We really don’t know and we will never know. Not knowing doesn’t make life worthless. Definitely, doesn’t make others life worthless.

We believe nature has its own ways. There are many who will never be born.  But here, we stand forming a part of livin’ beings that are already born. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about others life?

Does all of this make death worthless? Maybe. May be not. Maybe paradoxes exist. We will never know.



Her main man.



Everyone likes love stories. Endings don’t matter, for we don’t know what future has in store for all of us. Here, we’re concerned about the essence of love.

They were friends. Very close friends. Just like Woody and buzz. If he be the Peter pan, she would be his Tinkerbell. If she be the Juddy Hopps, he’d be her Nick Wilde. If there’s one thing that most of you can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself raw and ugly. They felt less strange knowing that someone supports them, no matter what. Suddenly, they felt more understood. Walking closer, they became the best versions of themselves.

Like Ron, he was able to make it out of the friend zone. Anyone who had known her would say that she went a far too much. But there was him and there was love. He would write poems for her and his words became the start of her day. He would call her Quinn for she was insanely heads over heels for him.  Theirs was an “all of me loves all of you” kind of story. Who would want to live a fairy tale if the alternate was real, a crazy story?

He craved a permanent mask onto his lips, so that no one would see the sadness that might slip out. He smoked and burnt his lungs, set his body into a wildfire burning the demons in his chest. She made a choice to love him. She made a choice to forgive him. She made a choice to make it work every damn day even when it was hard. She made a choice to love him unconditionally. She made a choice to sacrifice. Her choices made them.

They made a choice to dream together.

As they walked through their life, there were bends and alternations. She chose to love him in silence, for in silence she found no rejection. She chose to kiss him in the wind, for she thought that the wind was softer than her lips. She chose to adore him in her dreams, for in her dreams she owned him.

The more closer you see someone, their flaws will be readily seen and it takes patience and kindness to accept people as they are. It is the reason that made them; the true essence of their love, why a lot of marriages fail and why relationships don’t last.

Tags and names that defined them faded. But they were there. They are nothing yet everything at the same time. They are deadly autumns and lovely springs. How can a story of theirs be restricted to the word love? How can they position themselves inside a relationship tag?

Love ceased to define them, for they loved beyond love. 

We are what we think we are. 

The quest in her started when she was a four years old. Forgetting her dance steps made her curious to know why would children of God forget things. She was disappointed to learn that the good Lord had favorites. One day, she missed her school van and yeah, the God was definitely partial. She had to walk alone all the way back home. When she reached, Parents and Neighbors cheered her for being a strong girl. She never really understood the connection.  

At six, she learnt what death means when her grandmother passed away. She saw people cry and didn’t understand how is it gonna help bring her dead granny back. Her mom showed faces for asking such questions. Keeping her thoughts aside, she went out to play. Not all are blessed to cope up with people’s departures as she is. 

It was a normal day in school. When she came back from school, she had to watch news channels instead of cartoons. A fire accident burnt a school down killing hundreds of children. She was relieved by the fact that God is not as bad to her as he was to others. That made her wonder about worshipping God who occasionally does bad stuffs to people. She became a determined child because she thought God doesn’t always give her what she wants. 

She wants to know about everything. She wants to know how was she born, why does she have to respect elders, why dogs were faithful, where do ghosts stay and what do they eat, why do they have aversion to coloured clothes, why do ants exist in the first place just to get smashed, why can’t she fly like birds, why doesn’t she have super powers, why does she have to grow up and become old and then die like everyone else. People used to tell her stories and stories to make her stop bugging them. 

Wanting to touch earth she wanted to become an astronaut. She thought star gazing will somehow help her achieve the goal. She wanted to find a medicine where people can be immortals, so that she didn’t have to die one day. She decided to become a doctor. 

With years, she found answers and changed her so called “goals”. She had reasons to believe it. But she didn’t expect changes in her body. Standing in front of the mirror she worried about those physical changes. She felt as if she had become a new person. She didn’t feel any connection to her body. But that’s when she found out, admiring her body is the only way that will make her connected to the body. Often when she forgets her own features, she stands in front of the mirror naked to read her features. And she again feels disconnected. She thought it was absurd to think or feel that way and goes on wearing dresses she likes to make her little less disconnected with her own body. 

She lived a different life, or atleast she thought that she had different perspectives about life. She had two worlds. One with people in it and the other one where she was alone. The second always remained a secret. She was happy in both her worlds. She does things which made her happy. Her thoughts made her. Her thoughts made her own world. She liked her eyes for a reason. She thought that eyes helped in giving shape to her thoughts. 

She grew up into a young lady. Things and people happened. Everything around her didn’t seem right. She became hopeless and decided to give up on her life. She didn’t find any reason so she thought death would be the answer. Goals like building a castle, making money, raising a family didn’t appease her. She wanted to find a reason but it hit her hard that anything in the world is meaningless. 

All are mere star dusts trapped in a decaying body livin’ in a money hungry society. Blessing and curse, right and wrong, good and bad are human constructs. All are mere happenings and there are no values. 

She understood that values and principles are merely factors to make people live a disciplined life. She discovered that everything can’t have answers and solutions. Being in a senseless world suddenly made sense to her being. 

She had woken up early and it took her long time getting ready to exist.

I will hug your blues and share your mess.  

“Take it” he said, “it beats for you”. In an alley of abandoned promises and broken words he told me to take it. Somewhere above the clouds butt certainly not the heavens, in an abyss of pain where I try to crawl out but he holds me back by my ankles, tying me down to the winds, anchoring me to him, with him, for him. I told him “you don’t understand”. He cries out and Eros weeps for him, with him. Through him, Eros exists and I try controlling this raging God and I fail. He throws a series of words that feel like more punches to my chest inflicted with pain, heartache and betrayal. I sit there between the clouds of our stories and contemplate just how oblivious humans can be. I tell him, “you don’t understand. There are two and both belong to you”.